OCZ ZX Series 1000W: A Kilowatt of Power Review

Posted on 2011-06-12 22:48:31 by Thomas De Maesschalck

The total consumption of modern PCs has left the “safe” zone long ago, and has instead become a fully integrated decision factor when buying a new PC or upgrading it. OK, it’s true that any PSU will do for office computers, but if you’re assembling a remotely serious gaming PC or workstation, it’s always good to add up the values and get the total consumption before venturing out to buy a PSU (one 20% stronger than what you’ve got as your total wattage, mind you). PSUs that can provide more than a kilowatt of power are nothing new on the market, and since SLI/CrossFireX configurations are becoming increasingly popular in the average buyer’s PC, they’ve actually become a necessity, not just a precaution. If you want your pet’s heart (or hearts) to beat steadily, both the CPU(s) and the GPU(s), be prepared to feed it with four-digit wattage…

Link: InsideHW

OCZ ZX Series 1000W: A Kilowatt of Power

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