Duke Nukem Forever Xbox 360 Review

Posted on 2011-06-13 19:24:39 by Thomas De Maesschalck

There was a time in my game writing career that I thought I would never get the chance to play, let alone review, Duke Nukem Forever. When 3D Realms announced this game during the 1998 E3 Expo little did they know the saga that it would become. Frequently the number one on Wireds vapourware list, it had come to be well accepted the game would never see the light of day. However, thanks to Gearbox, that is not the case and it is here and whilst the game disappoints in many ways, in others it does not.

Duke Nukem Forever picks up sometime after the events of Duke Nukem 3D. Duke has spent the last decade or so proving to the world how great he is by going into space, becoming an MMA champion and building a Casino. The aliens return to earth again and the president warns Duke away from attacking them. However, they are back to avenge their defeat to Duke Nukem in the previous game and this time they are taking the women as hostages.

Link: Tweaktown

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