Kingston HyperX Lovo 1866MHz Low Voltage Memory Kit Review

Posted on 2011-06-20 19:51:25 by Thomas De Maesschalck

We couldn't go long without taking a look at another product from Kingston, and this time we see something with a difference. As users are scoping out for the fastest components available they have another thing in mind as well. They want the most efficient running components that money can buy, without suffering with performance and of course not spending any extra than originally planned.

Kingston have answered their prayers of these users by bringing out a set of memory designed for those in mind. It's part of their LoVo range of memory which can be noticed straight away by their eco-green heatspreaders. The LoVo memory modules feature exactly what's specificed in their name; they are low voltage meaning they are perfect for systems that are on for long periods of time such as servers and will undoubtedly give a lower lifespan whilst saving on the power used overall.


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