Asus F1A75-M Pro Llano Motherboard Review

Posted on 2011-06-30 15:52:03 by Thomas De Maesschalck

You can't go on the internet these days without seeing some information on Intel, AMD and their latest products. With Intel it's all about Sandy Bridge and their upcoming offering of Ivy Bridge, whilst AMD has potential fantastic products in the pipeline but are still hot on releasing slightly "cut-down" versions if you will.

We saw the initial release of AMD Fusion a few months back which saw the pure potential behind AMD's latest technology of fusing a CPU and GPU together to form an APU. Whilst this was fine for light usage in terms of HTPC and server systems, it wasn't aimed at a mainstream market. Enter Llano!

Llano is a new range of products from AMD and their partners which harnesses the technology saw in the original Fusion range but features a higher clock speed and higher range built-in graphics. Due to this it's market is slightly different and whilst being perfect for HTPC usage, users should be able to experience the technology on a mainstream level with the inclusion of gaming.


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