Logitech C910 HD Pro Webcam Review

Posted on 2011-10-19 12:37:17 by Thomas De Maesschalck

It's a marvel to think just how far webcams have evolved over the last twenty years. Back in 1991, it all began when geniuses at Cambridge University streamed a 128x128 representation of a coffee pot in glorious grayscale - serious business, no doubt. Today webcams can still be used to monitor coffee, of course, but they more frequently play a role in connecting families, friends, service members and business professionals all across the globe. And thanks to the High-Definition craze, we're just beginning to see webcams that can do it all in 1080p, well over 125x the resolution of the first CoffeCam and in super glorious 24-bit color.

One of the front-runners in this current generation of 1080p cameras is Logitech C910 HD Pro Webcam, an impressive piece of kit that pushes the limits of USB 2.0, not to mention the limits of your internet connection. Dual microphones and Carl Zeiss glass optics with auto-focus add flavor to the mix, but is it all worth it? Find out in our in-depth review.

Link: EverythingUSB

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