Panasonic TY-EW3D3MU 3rd Gen 3D Active Shutter Eyewear Review

Posted on 2011-10-22 18:41:46 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Panasonic are now onto their third generation of 3D active shutter glasses (model number TY-EW3D3MU). Although Panasonic Australia cannot confirm a local release date, I've picked up a few pairs whilst overseas and am keen to see how they stack up against the first and second generation pairs. Panasonic's first generation glasses (TY-EW3D10U) were memorable for the design faux pas of massive open sections at the sides which let light shine through. Anyone that's viewed 3D content will be aware that the darker the environment, the better, so whoever decided that this would be a great design choice should have been challenged.

The second generation glasses (TY-EW3D2MU) made for a decided improvement. The design was reworked, closing off the ridiculous open plan sides and removing the disposable battery in favour of a small internal USB rechargeable battery. The new design also shaved 20 grams of weight which made viewing slightly more comfortable. The annoying refresh glitch was still present, although seemingly less frequent than before.

Link: Tweaktown

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