DFI 865PE Infinity Motherboard Review

Posted on 2004-01-27 17:21:18 by LSDsmurf

DFI has quickly made a name for themselves as a producer of top quality, enthusiast motherboards. DFI has been in the motherboard business for quite a while, but they have just recently started motherboards for the mainstream overclocking crowd. Their LAN Party series of motherboards have taken the overclocking community by storm. DFI has another series of boards that are a little less known, the infinity series. What exactly is the Infinity series? Well if you open the LAN Party spec page and the infinity spec page and compare them, you will see that their spec sheets are identical. This board is for the people that want the performance of the LAN Party series, but don't want the LAN Party package. Check out the DFI 865PE Infinity, over at ClubOC!

Link: ClubOC

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