Intel 335 Series 240GB SATA III SSD Review

Posted on 2012-12-24 09:57:50 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Ever since Solid State Drives (SSDs) were first introduced to the general public roughly 5 years ago they have been amongst my favorite hardware components and in a way monopolized my reviews up until a year ago. The reason behind that last part is that although up until a year ago there were large performance jumps with each new model released (making it more than worth testing to see the exact difference in speed with previous models) that no longer was the case and so inside 2012 the only thing that really changed was the price of such devices. Still many of you have asked several SSD reviews during the past 2 months and as always we obliged by starting to gather several samples from the leading manufacturers. This time over however in order to be more "time effective" we will not wait until we have 10-20 all together for a large comparison like the old days (more impressive but takes too much time to complete) and so on our test bench today lays the latest Intel 335 Series 240GB SATA III model.

Link: NikKTech

Intel 335 Series 240GB SATA III SSD

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