Kingston Wi-Drive MobileLite Wireless Card Reader Preview Review

Posted on 2013-02-12 15:32:34 by Thomas De Maesschalck

So you bought a tablet or smart phone and have buyer's remorse because you're realizing it doesn't quite have the capacity you need. Not to worry, Kingston has a product coming up that should fill that need. It's a mobile wireless SD card/USB reader and effectively makes your storage limited only by your availability of SD cards or USB drives! Have a look at our preview of this upcoming product!

Quote: "While at CES 2013 last month, Kingston shared with us a new but related product that they'll be rolling and asked if we could give our feedback prior to going live with production. It puts a twist on the Wi-Drive which comes with its own built-in solid state storage, by substituting this self-contained storage with SD card slots and a USB port so the user can add their own storage – effectively making storage capacity options limitless. From this plug and play media, you can access or stream content to your iOS (5.1.1+) or Android device..."

Link: Legit Reviews

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