NVIDIA Free-to-Play Games Review

Posted on 2013-02-18 09:35:59 by Thomas De Maesschalck

"As I said earlier, all three of these games are enjoyable and fun because they are. They're also different games, so naturally they are enjoyable and fun in different ways and for different reasons. PlanetSide 2 I feel is fun and enjoyable in what I feel are the most important ways, of these three. World of Tanks is also fun and enjoyable, but is lacking in design elements that I believe are important for the experience of any game. Hawken seems to exist as a manifestation of our desires for big things and big explosions, which does make it fun and enjoyable, but almost relies on that instead of a solid gameplay experience, like what you get with the other two games.”

Link: OCC

NVIDIA Free-to-Play Games

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