Kingston SSDNow KC310 960GB SSD Review

Posted on 2015-05-04 08:49:40 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Description: You may not have thought it possible (we did but we didn't expect it to happen for quite some time) but solid state drives (SSDs) are actually gaining ground on regular mechanical hard disk drives so most manufacturers now offer 960GB models at rather affordable prices. The good news however is that there are even 1.6/2/3.2/4TB models currently available (there's even been talk for 6/8TB models) and although their prices are set very high since these are not aimed at regular consumers but rather large enterprises (some 4TB models cost around $30k) this means that eventually such capacities will reach all of us. Today in yet another worldwide first we will be taking a very thorough look at the latest SSDNow KC310 SSD which offers 960GB of space and is the only model in that particular line (at least currently).

Link: NikKTech

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