CRYORIG H5 Universal CPU Cooler Review

Posted on 2015-05-19 15:13:04 by Thomas De Maesschalck

"Not that long ago CRYORIG sent us their flagship R1 Ultimate CPU cooler, which not only impressed us, but had a lot of cool technologies and other things we had never saw on a CPU cooler before. Now we are moving on to their H5 Universal CPU cooler, which as the name suggest is a cooler that will give you 100% memory clearance on mainstream sockets. While the R1 Ultimate was a dual-tower cooler, the H5 Universal has a single tower, but still retains much of the surface area of the R1 with its large fin design. The cooler itself features CRYORIG’s Hive Fin structure design, Jet Fin Acceleration System, Heatpipe Convex-Align System, and XT140 140mm cooling fan. Will this cooler be able to live up to the performance of the R1 Ultimate? Let’s get it in our system and find out!"

Link: ThinkComputers

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