Cheero Power Plus 3 13400mAh Portable Charger Review

Posted on 2015-12-04 14:50:40 by Thomas De Maesschalck

"We can never have too much power, with many people using their mobile device as their main computing device and people using multiple devices (smartphone & tablet) products like portable chargers have become extremely popular. Almost everyone I know has at least one charger their their mobile device, and half of them I wouldn’t even “tech” people. Cheero has been making mobile power banks and similar devices since 2011. Their latest is the Power Plus 3 which is a 13400 mAh portable charger that fits in your pocket! It makes use of high grade Japanese-made batteries and has dual USB power outputs. Let’s see if the Power Plus performs as good as it looks."

Link: ThinkComputers

Cheero Power Plus 3 13400mAh Portable Charger

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