iRULU Walknbook 3 Hybrid Tablet PC Review

Posted on 2016-04-18 15:56:26 by Thomas De Maesschalck

"Today we are looking at the newest version of the iRULU WalknBook 3 W1005 and just from my initial research into this product it definitely has been growing better and better with age. Yes, we reviewers read other reviews during our research to ensure we are giving the consumer the best information we possibly can. It is essential, just so we don’t miss anything that others might catch on the good side and the bad. I would categorize this tablet with the build quality of a Samsung Tablet with the power of full Windows 10 Home experience. The heavy-duty construction is heavy and the solid button feel is tight. Actually, in my opinion, the way this iRULU WalknBook 3 feels in the hand and in the user experience like a high-quality hybrid tablet/Notebook computer. It’s fully functional 10.1 inch IPS display is bright and true and the computer shares the same Bay Trail Z3735F ATOM Quad-Core / 7th generation Intel processor that some of its competition use. The unit is quick and responsive in many usual applications that don’t require the need for super number crunching skills."

Link: ThinkComputers

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