PNY GTX 950 2GB and GTX 960 4GB XLR8 OC Gaming Review

Posted on 2016-07-07 10:57:31 by Thomas De Maesschalck

If the persistent rumours are anything to go by, Nvidia will imminently extend Pascal to its mid-range with the launch of a GTX 1060. This means that, on paper at least, the GTX 960 will be superseded, though there is yet no inclination as to the fate of the GTX 950. Even with the imminent arrival of the GTX 1060 the GTX 960 has significant shelf-life remaining. If rumours are anywhere close to accurate, a price of around £250/$250 for the GTX 1060 means the GTX 960 is still an attractive and viable option starting at £160/$180, this price will likely only become cheaper as retailers seek to clear existing stock.

Link: Kitguru

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