Samsung SSD 960 Pro NVMe M.2: Blazing Fast, Solid State Storage Review

Posted on 2016-10-18 17:14:35 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Samsung announced its latest, consumer-class NVMe M.2-based solid state drives a few weeks back, the SSD 960 Pro and SSD 960 EVO, but today marks the official launch of those products. As has been the case for the last couple of generations, the EVO moniker denotes the more mainstream line-up, while the Pro designation is reserved for higher-end, flagship products. If you check out our coverage of the initial announcement, you’ll see that the Samsung SSD 960 EVO line has some killer specifications, with read speeds in the 3.2GB/s range and prices that are competitive with other NVMe M.2 solid state drives in its class. The Samsung SSD 960 Pro line, however, is an absolute beast with peak transfer speeds reportedly in the 3.5GB/s range and ultra-high endurance ratings too. Since the initial announcement, the enthusiast community has been chomping at the bit for these drives. Thankfully, today, we can put Samsung’s performance claims to the test. We’ve got a 1TB Samsung SSD 960 Pro in house and have run it through a series of benchmarks, alongside some of the best NVMe-based solid state drives currently on the market...

Link: Hothardware

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