Dell XPS 13: Kaby Lake Makes A Fantastic 13-Inch Laptop Even Better Review

Posted on 2016-12-01 17:51:15 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Mechanically speaking, Dell has done little to change or update its wildly popular XPS 13 and 15 series of premium consumer notebooks since their initial release. There's no mystery as to why that is the case, however. When something works this well, you stick with it. The Dell XPS 13 and XPS 15 have been two of the best selling notebooks in the company's history. However, despite minimal exterior design changes, Dell has taken a vigorous approach to refreshing the XPS 13 and 15 line of notebooks with the latest Intel processor platforms. In fact, the new Dell XPS 13 9360 we have on tap for review here today is one of the first notebooks we've received in for testing with Intel's 7th Generation Kaby Lake Core series processor technology powering the experience. And what a difference a refresh can make...

Link: Hothardware

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