XFX RX 480 XXX GTR Review

Posted on 2016-12-15 10:20:09 by Thomas De Maesschalck

”From a performance standpoint, the XFX RX 480 XXX GTR performs where its clock speeds dictate when comparing to the other Polaris GPUs I have tested. That puts the performance window right around the R9 390 and in some cases besting the GTX 1060. So what does that equate to in terms of FPS performance? It gets you between 45 and 90 FPS at a resolution of 1920x1080, depending on the game played. Cranking up the resolution to 2560x1440, the FPS levels drop a bit, but essentially you can play all the games in my comparison at up to 2560x1440 and really enjoy the experience. Overclocking helps improve the FPS levels delivered if you spend the time to tune the performance of the card. XFX did its homework and built this card to maintain the core clock speeds set in the card's BIOS so you do not see performance drops as the card heats up and starts pulling a more significant bit of power from the wall. By using the company's True Clock technology — a hardware clock speed optimizer instead of a software optimizer — you get the performance you pay for at all times. XFX's all-digital power supply circuitry with ultra low-noise inductors cooled by the all-new heat pipe equipped cooling solution definitely help drive the performance and stability of this card. Overclocking was not as robust as the other RX 480 cards I have looked at, but this card does hold its own with a better-than-average overclock.”

Link: OCC

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