ASUS ZenFone AR: Google Tango And Daydream VR Take Center Stage Review

Posted on 2017-09-12 17:08:35 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Owners of the ASUS ZenFone AR may be tempted to ask their friends and co-workers, "Do you even AR, bro?". Asking that question is a surefire way to solicit puzzled (and perhaps annoyed) looks, but once they see what the ZenFone AR is capable of, those dirty glances and quizzical faces will quickly morph into ones of excited curiosity, and maybe even jealously. That's because this whole augmented reality business is rather new, and the ZenFone AR is one of only two smartphones to support Google's Tango (formerly Project Tango) AR platform. The ZenFone AR also supports Daydream, Google's mobile virtual reality play. Being Daydream-ready is not quite as exclusive as club Tango, though it is hardly a crowded one, with less than a dozen handsets meeting the requirements for Daydream. That said, the ZenFone AR is the only smartphone out there to support both...

Link: Hothardware

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