F1 2020 Review

Posted on 2020-07-08 06:19:37 by Thomas De Maesschalck

"It might not feel like it has been just one year, but here we are in 2020 with the newest entry in Codemaster's F1 series, F1 2020, the fourth game in the series I get to review. Like F1 2017, F1 2018, and F1 2019, we once again get to climb into the cockpit of a Formula 1 racing car and speed around the recreated circuits of the sport, competing with AI versions of the real drivers. This latest entry in the series does bring with it some new features, with the most significant being My Team, allowing you to be the driver-manager for your own F1 team, instead of being the second driver for one of the already established, real teams in the game. It is definitely an interesting system with the additional responsibilities it gives you, and is what I will focus on when we get to the Gameplay section."

Link: OCC

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