Mechanical Keyboard Switch Lubricating and Filming Review

Posted on 2021-07-26 16:35:26 by Thomas De Maesschalck

"When I started with custom mechanical keyboards nearly a year ago now, I gave myself the goal of covering it within reasonable extremes. It can be described as a constructive hobby and, like many hobbies, can get very extreme if you decide to take it that far, with examples such as hand wired builds and so-called franken-switches, assembled from the parts of other switches. Lubricating switches I could see being described by some as extreme as it involves disassembling each switch, but it is more approachable than the examples I just gave, and so I have wanted to do it. With the JWK Unlubed Linear and Silent Linear switches from 1Up Keyboards in hand, it seemed the perfect opportunity to get out the Krytox 205g0 1Up included in what it sent with the 1UP 60 HSE kit."

Link: OCC

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