Winstep Xtreme 7.11

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Winstep Xtreme:

Transforms your desktop

Lets you have a desktop that becomes the envy of whoever looks at it... everybody loves a pretty face!

Organizes your Applications and Reduces Desktop Clutter

Winstep Xtreme allows you to eliminate the huge clutter from your desktop and quickly organize the applications and documents you use more frequently.

Enhances your productivity

Puts the things you need the most at your fingertips, allowing you to work better and faster. Your documents and applications are always just one or two clicks away.

Simplifies every aspect of your daily work

Instead of a generalist User Interface that compromises in order to accommodate millions of users, with Xtreme you can customize the Interface so it suits you, and the way you work. 

It's FUN to use!

The more you use Winstep Xtreme, the more you'll go 'Wow, this rules!' as you discover all it can do for you.

Winstep Xtreme includes:
NextSTART v4.4, WorkShelf v2.4, FontBrowser v1.0 and NeXuS!

So what is new in Winstep Xtreme 7.11? Well, we kept on listening carefully to your suggestions:

Overall performance has been greatly improved.

Desktop Module positions are now automatically remembered when switching themes.

The RAM meter module is now capable of displaying the top memory hogs. 

Added the ability to provide custom Wanda animations.

Updated the internal list of Internet Atomic Time servers to replace those not in service any longer.

Edge bumps now work when performing drag & drop operations. 

Changed the Internet communication retrial delays to prevent excessive flashing of the desktop modules when WorkShelf thinks an Internet connection is available when it actually isn't.

Included the extremely popular Winstep Atmospherica theme (over 27,000 downloads) in the default theme pack.

Fixed several miscellaneous issues.

and much, much more!

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