Cuttermaran 1.69

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Cuttermaran is a cut program for MPEG1 or MPEG2 video streams. The streams can be cut without recalculation. The asynchronous between audio and video will be minimized. Cuttermaran supports frame accurat editing, but you will need TMPGEnc 2.5 for smart rendering. There are available a few freeware encoders, too. Take a look at the provider section.

  • libmpeg2 - Update to version 0.4.1
  • DirectShowLib - Update to version 1.5
  • Bugfixes: A huge list of fixes I don't remember ;-)
  • A lot of bugfixes and features by Elmü:
    • Feature: Update to latest Mplex version (2.2.4)
    • Feature: Mplex ported from Linux into .NET 1.1 Assembly
    • Feature: New window with display of progress and coloured messages from Mplex
    • Feature: Mplex runs with CPU load reduced to 40% while minimized.
    • Feature: All providers (QuEnc, TmpgEnc, Mplex, Imago) can be aborted and minimized now
    • Feature: Optional display of Cut-Out picture AND Cut-In picture when selecting a cut in cutlist
    • Feature: Display of frame-type (I, P, B) in cutlist
    • Feature: TabControl with one video tab for each open video file.
    • Feature: Shuttlebar with logarithmic speed.
    • Feature: Scrollbar with coloured background for each cut and interesting stream point.
    • Feature: Minimizing the main window while cutting and display of progress in taskbar.
    • Feature: Decreasing CPU load to approx 40% while cutting when main window is minimized.
    • Feature: Second progressbar displays total progress while cutting.
    • Feature: Turning on/off separately the docking/floating and resizing of GUI windows.
    • Feature: New button "Play Next" in preview window plays the next cut preview.
    • Feature: Ask user if he wants to save unsaved changes not only when exiting the program.
    • Feature: Hint when trying to cut on a B or P frame if no encoder is active.

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