Anapod Explorer 9.0.4

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Anapod Explorer, our flagship iPod product, is composed of Anapod Explorer itself, Anapod CopyGear, and Anapod PhotoSync. Anapod is the most advanced Windows iPod software available, offering iPod management through full Windows Explorer integration under My Computer, easy drag and drop iPod copy, iPod transfer and iPod backup, PDA function support, photo and video transfer, web page interface access to your iPod through a built-in web server, powerful search and reporting capabilities using a built-in SQL database, and much more, all in one compact package. A great backup tool or iTunes alternative.
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Re: Anapod Explorer 9.0.4
by Anonymous on Saturday, Mar 01 2008 @ 00:14 CET
I have been messaging and emailing their support since July of 2007. After I purchased Anapod Explorer, they sent me an activation code. When I tried to activate the product it failed stating it was an invalid activation code. Please, please, please if you by some chance are considering buying this product DO NOT DO IT!!! I am talking 8 months of trying to get a piece of software activated with zero responses from Red Chair support. They are literally laughing all the way to the bank.

Do a google search and you will see all the complaints.