ffdshow tryouts beta 4

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Play all your favorite videos with just one download! Be it Xvid or H.264, FLV1 or MPEG2, ffdshow tryouts supports a wide range of video codecs. On the audio front, ffdshow tryouts impresses with support for popular codecs like MP3, AAC, Vorbis, AC3, and DTS as well as not-so-popular ones like LPCM, True Audio, and QDM2.

A powerful filter set further helps you to improve your audio-visual experience: filters like denoise, deblock, and resize enhance the quality of your videos. Normalization, down-/upmixing, and resampling - to name a few - try to get the most out of your audio setup.

  • In FLAC and TTA, A/V synch was lost.
  • Closed caption decoder produced garbled characters.
  • Crashes in Windows Movie Maker have been fixed. This was not ffdshow's bug.
  • Subtitles that contain an "&" as part of the filename were displayed incorrectly inside ffdshow's context menu.
  • MakeAVIS.exe in "Store uncompressed audio" mode produced noisy audio if the input audio was not 16bit integer.
  • If the AviSynth script had multiple lines, the script was not saved by using "Export all settings" or "Save to file..." in Presets page.
  • DTS S/PDIF pass-through sometimes had terrible noise.
  • Compatibility problem with VFW encoder applications such as HyperCam has been fixed.
  • If ConvertToRGB was used in AviSynth script, the video was flipped.
  • If "Swap channels" was used, audio was lost if the number of channels of the input stream changed.
  • DVD menu was sometimes not highlighted.
  • "Preset autoload conditions" -> "on movie file name match (with wildcards)" did not work.
  • If the input color space was NV12 or NV21, ffdshow could not render properly.
  • If crop was used after letterbox subtitling, the bottom of the image was cropped too much.

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