Reaper 2.020

Posted on Saturday, Dec 22 2007 @ 20:47 CET by

REAPER is a powerful Windows application for multitrack recording and editing of audio.

  • initial contextual help in Preferences screens
  • midi recording: better automatic delay compensation
  • preliminary slave spp/clock and mtc/ltc timecode. needs testing.
  • preliminary ASIO Positioning Protocol slave synchronization (needs testing as well)
  • record button on transport now can reflect record punch mode (transport_record_loop.png, transport_record_item.png)
  • play button on transport now can reflect slave sync state (transport_play_sync.png, transport_play_sync_on.png)
  • right click on play button now shows slave sync configuration, (alt+right click to toggle sync enabled)
  • right click on record button now shows record mode options
  • actions to open timecode sync panel and toggle sync
  • transport context menu now has slave sync/record mode options
  • better transport status display (goes multiline, shows slave/bouncing status)
  • improved smpte_ltc_decoder synchronization with varying frame/samplerates
  • fixed snap to grid at any distance with grid snapping disabled behaving funny
  • fixed CPU munch/weird sounds at ends of pitch shifted items with loop source disabled
  • fixed crash in Performance Monitor on some machines
  • better audio input/output name aliasing (handles duplicate named inputs better, changing indices)
  • ReaFIR: fixed Reamote support
  • updated (smaller) Spectro build
  • updated: fixed skinned scrollbar reading bug

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