Skype for Windows beta

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Make calls from your computer - free to other people on Skype, cheap to phones and mobiles across the world. And the sound quality is great, too - keep it running all day, and it’s like you’re in the same room as the person on the other end.

his new version brings to you mainly quality improvements and slightly reduced installer size.

  • known issue: Sending Voicemail to not authorized user fails
  • feature: New UPnP implementation
  • feature: Extras Manager 2.0
  • feature: Profile picture hidden by default on authorization request
  • Improvement: Audio call quality
  • Improvement: Internet Explorer add-on updated
  • Improvement: Firefox add-on updated
  • Improvement: Skype4COM updated
  • change: Default video resolution for Pentium 3 and slower computers is 160x120 pixels
  • bugfix privacy leak: Moodmessage and online status exposure to web browser via internal interface
  • bugfix: Rarely contacts were lost after upgrade
  • bugfix: Public chat links did not work on Vista
  • bugfix: My video was froze on video call for some users
  • bugfix: Call went to Voicemail even if not selected it in options
  • bugfix: Sometimes video was black for receiver
  • bugfix: Sometimes video preview was frozen
  • bugfix: High Quality Video was not possible with Core2Duo E8200 CPU
  • bugfix: Users who have not logged in for long time were not found with search
  • bugfix: Skype sometimes crashed during file transfer
  • bugfix API: It was not possible to forward call if username had a comma in it

Program Information

Internet and communication

Version: beta
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Product page: here

Download: Skype for Windows beta

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