Xpadder 5.0

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Play PC games with poor or no gamepad support Add gamepad support to emulated, internet and DOS games Play multiplayer games with each player using their own gamepad Control video/music players using media or shortcut keys Use a gamepad with a web browser or any windows application.


Improved CPU handling (optimized for multi-core CPUs/multiple-CPUs, improved for single-core CPUs/single CPUs)
Improved core stability (no more white screens or freezing) (thanks to everyone who reported problems)
Improved controller array handling (uses less memory, safer data access, data is faster to access)
Improved sub-windows (now 100% dynamic and 100% memory leak free)
Improved controller file reading (removed support for old binary controller files)
Improved some of the controller list handling
Improved controller INI read speed
Improved border interface display speed (2.2 times faster)
Improved detection data memory usage
Improved device acquisition speed
Improved handling of assignment option toggles
Improved file version reading and calculations
Improved exit speed slightly
Improved advanced assignment slot image update efficiency
Improved white shading in some areas (was off-white)
Improved handling of NameDisplay button during interface changes
Improved displaying of profile creation/opening progress text
Added core-synced animations (prevents window from being unresponsive while animations occur)
Added smart button animation completion (prevents delays if no buttons or if all buttons fully animated)
Added deletion prompt when deleting known controller
Added individual NameDisplay button statuses for each controller
Added "Opening controller" status text during animation
Added Controller global settings button icons
Fixed a bug where moving mouse speed sliders via mouse emulation caused errors (thanks to Swolch and Sametz)
Fixed some thread memory leaks
Fixed a bug where command line shortcuts did not launch until profile was manually opened (thanks to SGTCableDog)
Fixed a bug where command line profile could be lost due to multiple controller messages
Fixed a bug where command line profile did not open when controller reconnected
Fixed a bug where mouse settings window did not show stick/dpad name for group mouse settings
Fixed a bug where profile queue was not cleared when a new profile was received (thanks to WelshRabbit)
Fixed a bug where grey did not produce a proper Vista style gradient
Fixed a bug where altering trigger controller settings closed DPad window and not Trigger window
Fixed a bug where Assignment Settings window still allocated memory for old tab icons from last year!!!
Fixed a bug where buttons sometimes didn't identify correctly in controller settings window (thanks to SGTCableDog)
Fixed a bug where button detection was ignored if an axis was active (thanks to SGTCableDog)
Fixed a bug where pressing space while entering a sequence with auto-pauses could toggle the auto-pause checkbox
Fixed a bug where checking an assignment option box and then pressing space to assign caused checkbox to toggle
Fixed a bug where one Profile change value was not initialized (this may have caused a bug at some point)
Fixed a bug where recent profile lists were not correctly defragged on startup
Fixed a bug where selected button did not reset on controller settings tab change
Fixed a bug where selected button did not take priority if controller settings buttons overlapped (thanks to SGTCableDog)
Fixed a bug where controller list in INI was not correctly scanned for repeats
Fixed a bug where language help button was missing (thanks to SGTCableDog)
Fixed a bug where controllers help was out of order
Fixed some bugs where show animation option was ignored
Fixed a bug where sub windows closed after main window restore and not during minimize (thanks to SGTCableDog)
Fixed a bug where ButtonDown status was not initialized
Fixed a bug where cycle hash border did not fill button with long displayed assignment name
Fixed a bug where Start options text was badly worded
Fixed some bugs where Russian text did not appear fully in some locations
Fixed a bug where gradients did not end perfectly on final colour

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