The Gimp 2.5.0 beta

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This is an unstable development version of the GNU Image Manipulation Program.


  • improved rectangle tool drawing for narrow mode
  • ported lots (but not all) drawing code to Cairo
  • optimized image rendering by using pre-multiplied alpha
  • use new GLib features such as GRegex
  • use new GTK+ features such as the new GtkTooltip API
  • much improved GimpCurve object
  • cleaner and smaller tool options
  • enable brush scaling for the Smudge tool
  • added debugging framework that can be enabled at run-time
  • depend on GEGL and use it optionally in some color operations
  • optional GEGL processing for all color tools
  • add proper settings objects for all color tools
  • add list of recently used settings to all color tools
  • added experimental GEGL tool to use arbitrary GEGL operations
  • event filtering and smoothing for better paint tool performance
  • added motion constraints in the Move Tool
  • some operations do not any longer automatically add an alpha channel
  • some preparation for tagging resource files
  • cutting a selection doesn't clear the selection any longer
  • added new polygon select tool
  • load brushes and other data files recursively (search through subdirs)
  • started work on language selector for the text tool (unfinished)
  • allow to set opacity of the transform tool preview
  • merged toolbox menu into the image menu
  • always keep an image window around
  • improved image statusbar
  • dropped 'documents' in favor of ~/.recently-used.xbel
  • started to work on text box functionality in the text tool
  • numerous bug fixes and cleanups
  • dicom: improved handling of 16 bit image data
  • help: use GIO to access the help index
  • print: moved Page Setup out of the Print dialog
  • psd-load: rewritten, cleaner and more features
  • randomize: added previews
  • ripple: added a Phase Shift control
  • screenshot: optionally add the mouse cursor image on an extra layer
  • uri: use GIO/GVfs where available
  • whirlpinch: allow a larger range for the whirl angle
Python binding:
  • allow to specify colors using CSS color names
  • added new method Image.new_layer()
  • enforce R5RS syntax for 'let'
  • improved Frosty Logo script
  • added new text layer API
  • added gimp-vectors-export-to-file and gimp-vectors-export-to-string
  • added procedure to test for existance of a procedure in the PDB
  • improved error handling for procedures
  • added some Cairo utilities
  • allow to use markup in tooltips
  • libgimpthumb doesn't any longer depend on other GIMP libraries
  • use the gimptool program on Unix, too, instead of the gimptool script
  • create the list of supported MIME types at compile-time
  • gimp shows library versions when called with '--version --verbose'

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2.5.0 beta

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