Wine 1.0 RC 1

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Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X, OpenGL, and Unix.


Bugs fixed in 1.0-rc1:

3164 Missing XP Theme toolbars in app toolbar for Metatrader4
3362 Picasa Movie feature does nothing
3426 WinGizmo does not download magic number code
3792 PrinterPorts does not exist in win.ini
4644 Intuit Quicken 2006 will not run after installation
4969 IDA Pro Trial 5.0 doesn't run; VkKeyScan failure?
6538 Adobe After Effects 7 installer crashes upon startup
6911 MetaTrader 4.0 icons missing
6947 CSpy/Tab: Tabs are in the wrong order
7024 VB program using Tabstrip control produces invalid property under wine
7179 Enhanced metafile: record EMR_EXTSELECTCLIPRGN not handled
7800 Grand Theft Auto Series with a gamepad plugged in the protagonistwill
start running ahead immedeately
8069 FAR manager 1.70(build 2087): keeps printing
"fixme:curses:WCCURSES_GetEvents Ooch. somebody beat us", and doesn't work.
8115 MyScribe loads but doesn't go past the login screen (Centos 4.4)
8125 Marratech 6.1 crashes on start
8615 Medieval 2: Total War crashes when loading game scenario.
8783 USB serial ports do not work
8919 CSS Tab Designer 2 lets wine crash
9178 "hello world" dos program hangs
9356 Serial communication not working since wine-0.9.33
9419 Autocad 2002 crashes after 2 mins of running
9588 Dragon Naturally Speaking 7 dragonpad corrupted left few chars
9729 gdi/x11 related changes cause lockups in various win32 gui apps
9770 Graphical glitches in Children of the Nile demo
10046 GPSMapedit crashes when editing label on a map
10056 False error on serial port read
10431 GPSMapEdit: Unimplemented function gdiplus.dll.GdipGetImageDimension
10573 dlls/kernel32/tests/comm.c test fails on systems with serial ports
10627 child window position is not updated
10756 Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 training feedback lags behind until you
10757 Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 can't control mic volume
10794 LEGO Racers (and the demo) crashes when launced outside virtual desktop
10847 Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9.0 Preferred sound level unstable
11072 Gun Metal thinks POV2 Up is permanently set
11306 software built with Visual C++ software library crashes
11339 serial.c:wait_on() sanity checks seem to be too strict
11420 service control manager API problem: name of named objects might differ
(client vs. service process)
11559 Blood 2: The Chosen (version 1.0) - D3D crash
11644 Crashes in the dinput device.c and joystick.c tests...
12052 Flatout 2, dinput_test: crashes if joystick axis mapping is enabled,
different joystick sensitivity
12064 SkySorter halts while starting
12165 Wrong height on 1st list item, on eMule Plus preferences.
12166 Richedit "word wrap" refresh
12373 Nothing is rendered in Crimsonland - blank black screen
12395 NeverWinterNights 2 DM Toolkit crashes on 0.9.59
12429 Gamepad buttons not working in PES 6 (ProEvolutionSoccer)
12431 programs window moves down when clicking in a menu
12597 3d studio MAX 9 trial installer crash
12613 Adobe Acrobat Pro 7 trial version does not install
12680 jack driver produces buffer underruns (regression)
12831 wineserver use ~34% cpu permanently.
12833 no hide button in FlashFxp
12857 Guitar Pro 5 window jumps by the size of the window decoration
12866 wineserver assertion failure when TMG7 installer completes
12885 application sees IPv6 enabled, even if whole system has it disabled /
12892 Winedbg crashes on a simple mingw binary
12895 Winedbg can't return the value of a double
12907 Text not totally visible in the Display tab (winecfg)
12913 Regression with D3DTBLEND_MODULATE
12922 Black screen in all direct'x 3d Apps
12924 Children of the nile demo crashes
12928 Microsoft Office 2003 won't install in Wine 0.9.61
12972 Neverwinter Nights upgrade crashes
13016 Steel Panthers crashes between missions in campaign
13074 Large filesize in winefile shown as negative size

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1.0 RC 1

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