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AMD64 CPU Assistant is designed to monitor the temperature of a AMD64 CPU core using the processor's on-die thermal sensor. For work of the program own driver for access to ports and MSR-registers under systems on kernel NT AMD64CAx86.sys/AMD64CAx64.sys is used, installation and which start is carried out at the first start of the program without intervention of the user by the program AMD64 CPU Assistant (at this first start the rights of the administrator are necessary, the driver is taken from a body of the program).

* reading values of MB Sensors (for chips ITE IT8705, IT8712, IT8716, IT8718, IT8726) (tab "Sensors") - work with the LPC-bus is moved in the driver, atomicity of access to the LPC-bus is provided (driver is updated up to version Sensors
* definition of current usage of each core of the dual-core processor (with construction of charts) (tab "Charts") is added
* the design of tab "Charts" (are added vertical bars of current usage of the processor and memory, appearance of charts is changed) is changed
* button of saving of settings "Save Settings" (tab "Settings") is added
* feature of switching-on/off of modules "DRAM", "Task Manager", "Sensors" (for application of settings it is necessary restart programs) (tab "Settings ") is added
* feature of a choice of a temperature scale (Celsius or Farenheit) (tab "Settings") is added
* definition of the maximal voltage of processor AMD64 (for the processor supporting management of a voltage) (tab "CPU") is added
* display of current power, consumed by processor AMD64 - in % from TDP (for processor NPT (DDR2), supporting management of a multiplier and a voltage) (tab "CPU") is added
* procedure of work with data in Shared Memory is modified
* bug led occurrence BSOD on systems with the processor, distinct from AMD64, is removed
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