GB-PVR 1.2.13

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GB-PVR is a fully featured home media center application, allowing you to easily use a remote to watch tv, schedule recordings, watch videos, watch DVDs, listen to music, view photos etc.


- picture library now auto rotates pictures based on EXIF if it is available in the picture.
- much improved support for H.264/HE-AAC channels as used by New Zealands Freeview|HD.
- timeshift mode is now compatible with the "TS Mux" mux option.
- several improvements to the way transport stream files are recorded. Also added a 'Full TS' mux option, which will be used full dumps of the transport stream when I need sample files to debug problems.
- more changes to better support the Hauppauge HD-PVR support. (updated to reflect recently renamed Hauppauge drivers, separate bitrates can be set for each resolution)
- fixed a memory leak that occurred when using the EVR or Overlay video renderers.
- added options in the config app for selecting the AAC and HE-AAC decoders.
- fixed an error that could occur if you clicked the screen in video playback before the OSD had been shown.
- fixed a problem with playback of multiple audio files when the overlay renderer was selected.
- added support for a couple more H.264/HE-AAC decoders.
- fixed the Ctrl-O info shown with Live TV on analog tuner
- fixed a problem that could occur when scanning satellites with DVB-S2 transponders
- added code to stop screen saver kicking in during photo slideshow
- fixed a couple of problems teletext subtitles
- lots more minor Popcorn Hour enhancements, most of which have already been supplied as patches. (highdef UI, fast incremental screen updates, dvd playback, audio playlist support, fixes for AVI/MKV/MOV streaming etc...)
- fixed a problem that could cause a recording service crash
- fixed audio selection on Composite2/Svideo2 input
- fixed a problem with current song name not updating in the music library and net radio.
- fixed a problem with the logic for displaying show icons in the recordings screen
- fixed a problem where the user could get stuck in the screen saver
- added 16x10 as a TV Shape option.
- fixed broken DVD navigation with Overlay and EVR renderers.
- added a new "-import:filename" command line option for specifying the xml filename
- removed CT TV Listings epg source option
- added a "-flushpos" command line parameter that will delete the playback position history.
- added a new event so plugins can tell which screen is active
- fixed a bug with MVP on Search Guide screen.
- added a 'watched' indicator in the recordings screen
- updated version of EWA included
- old GBPVR.exe UI no longer included with the release. Rest in peace old friend.

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