PC Garbage Remover 4.02

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This software will help keep your entire system clean of the excess garbage which accumulates over time. This not only searches and finds various files left over by Windows, but also searches for many other space consuming files that may have been left behind from internet downloads or program installations. You can search for various garbage files, 0 bytes files, zip files, pictures, multimedia files, text documents, stored webpages, screensavers, and even "ini" files. This contains a built in video player, sound player, and graphics viewer, so you can immediately view all the files without opening another software application. You can even preview screensavers with the click of a button. This will help you identify what each file is, and whether or not you wish to keep the file on your system, remove it, or add it to the trash bin. Also included is options to sort the "found files" by file extension, file name, or file path. The total bytes wasted, available RAM memory, available swap file space, and total file count is also displayed for your convenience.
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