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Network Event Viewer is a network wide event log monitoring, consolidation, auditing and reporting tool enabling System Administrators to satisfy Sarbanes-Oxley auditing requirements while proactively managing their networks.

In previous builds if the system administrator turned off the application service or the actual computer for a prolonged period of time, upon reboot the service could over task the system while attempting to run overdue scheduled tasks. The service now re-calculates each overdue task using the current time. The end result is that the service is able to start without over tasking the system. Each task is pushed out to the next scheduled time.

When scheduled a task, the schedule control always calculated the next time to execute using the last time (if the task had previously executed). If the current time minus the last time was longer than the schedule interval, the current time was displayed and used to schedule the next time the service should run the task. The control has been updated to re-calculate the next task execution time using the current time as the last time.

In previous builds if the service was configured to forward internally generated messages to a syslog server and the service was unable to bind a client UDP port during startup, the service may have failed to start. This bug has been fixed.

The domain and logical group combo-boxes on the Configuration Wizard now have auto-complete turned on.

In previous builds users could manually advance the tab position within the Configuration Wizard and the Reports and Views Wizard by-passing some of the tab page validation routines. These bugs have been fixed.

Updated the dialog icon displayed in Reports and Views Wizard to match the icon displayed within the Reports and Views tab within the Navigation window.

When opening the Actions Manager for a CSV file export, the HTML template control remained enabled. The control is now properly disabled.

The items within the list controls on the Actions tab of the Configuration Wizard and the Filters tab of the Report and View Wizard are now sorted alphabetically.

In previous builds when downloading logs there was an option to limit local memory utilization in favor of remote CPU load. This option put the entry sorting load onto the remote computer. The new Windows 2008 and Windows Vista operating systems return the event log entries in the reverse order of Windows XP and 2000. The new order is oldest to latest. This format would require NEV to download the entire log file every time and then sort the entries in memory anyway negating the memory performance enhancements previously gained. This option is no longer available.
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