Teen Spirit 0.94

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Teen Spirit is an audio/video media player and organizer for music lovers. It categorizes your collection in various ways in an easy to use explorer-like user interface.

New features

+ 3 Band Equalizer Added

+ L-R Level Meters Added

+ New Volume / Position Sliders with drag support

+ Tooltips in some player buttons

+ Save Tag function (Advanced Menu Item)

+ Read Tag function (Advanced Menu Item)

+ Get Tags From Filename Dialog (Manually)

+ Get Tags From Filename (Quick menu)

+ Renamer Dialog (Manually)

+ Renamer (Quick menu)

+ New Info Control Display Options

+ New options for folder images plugin

+ Multilanguage option for lastfm plugin

Changes - Fixes

* Options dialog changed

* Now more info is downloaded while playing/selecting tracks and viewing the tree

* Update to newest Bass version

* Randomize list issue fixed.

* Randomize list now randomizes only the selected tracks (if these are more than 1)

* Fixed an issue where crossfade will fail (2 tracks may be playing at the same time)

* Lock Tree Menu Item modified

* In Options -> Tree View -> Item Grouping, the checkbox Enabled was not working.

* Memory info retrieval update

* Changed Intro (Empty DB) Dialog

* Changed Properties dialogs. Also a bit faster.

* Lyrics was not tagged on download

* Year was not changing in Album Properties

* Redownload already existed picture fix

* Does not accept anymore LastFM Image Files less than 4k

* Global Hotkeys moved to a new Tab - separated from Media Player Options

* Options to Enable/Disable retrieving images from the tracks folder (Info Retrieval)

* Delete File(s) window could go under the main window

* Bug Fix in get Image from Directory

* When you change year of an album in multiple files, year do not actually change

* OnEndSession (TEST) has been forgotten. Some crash reports were wrong...

* MiniPlayer / Track List Header updated

* [Unknown] Artists - Albums were allowed in eCommerce

* Simplier "Empty Collection Dialog"

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Download: Teen Spirit 0.94

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