GoodSync 7.2.6

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GoodSync is a file synchronization and file backup software that allows you to automatically sync files between desktops, laptops, and external drives. GoodSync also enables you to backup files to and from FTP, WebDAV, and Windows Mobile phones and PDAs.


* Add Analyze And Sync command, it analyses and then syncs one job.
* If ReadOnlySource option is specified then maintain state for the read-only folder separately from the folder, in GoodSync's AppData. This allows us to propagate deletions originated at read-only folders.
* Maintain one log per sync folder, this logs shows complete histoty of all changes done by GoodSync's various jobs to this folder. Log files are now named FolderLog-YYYY-MM.log.
* Split Open Log command into Open Left Log and Open Right Log.
* When creating a ZIP file for ticket, include all folder logs.
* Make 1-way jobs turn CopyTime and CopyState actions in the preferred direction too.
* More fixes to SFTP disconnect and error handling.
* Fix display of job state icons.

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