Messenger Plus! 2.54

Posted on Saturday, December 20 2003 @ 22:54 CET by LSDsmurf

2.54.74 Version - 19/12/2003
  • Important internal change regarding the way Messenger is accessed by Messenger Plus!. The goal of this change is to minimize problems caused by Windows Messenger in Windows XP.
  • New feature: come-back messages! you've been asking for this since the existence of Messenger Plus!, you know have it thanks to the popup-menu integration added in the version 2.50 two months ago. This feature lets you record a message for an offline contact that will be sent the next times the contact signs-in.
      The "Set Come-back Message" menu entry is grayed-out when the contact is not offline. Messages are sent like Personalised Status auto messages with the only difference that they are not displayed in italic. To avoid flooding your contacts, come-back messages are sent only 7 to 15 seconds after the contact signs-in. You can use commands as come-back message. This can be used, for example, to automatically send a file to someone you were waiting for (with the /dropfile command). Do not abuse this feature or it will get very annoying for your contacts. If you over-use come-back messages, you'll probably end-up being blocked :). Also, do not ask for the feature to be improved by allowing to set a come-back message when the user is signed in but his status is not Online; that is completely unnecessary and could be quite annoying for your contacts.
  • You can now use the (!M) and (!N) tags in your custom names to automatically add the email or the original name of your contact. You can use each tag only once per name. Example: "Charlot [(!N)]".
  • Added security features to allow proper uninstallation of the sponsor if the setup has been deleted. Some software such Adaware detect the sponsor setup file and delete it. You can think it's a good thing until you realize that the sponsor is still installed and that it can't be uninstalled anymore as a result. Software like Adaware make people think that all sponsor programs are designed to be uninstallable while they are the one who prevent proper uninstallation by screwing up the setup files. No software can be uninstalled when some of its core files are missing. Because I care more about my users than these companies do, I improved the uninstaller to automatically recover the sponsor setup file if it's missing thus, improving your chances of recovery if you ran an automatic advertisement removal program.
  • Uninstaller improved to do more cleaning after the computer is restarted (inoffensive temporary files were sometimes left by the sponsor uninstaller).
  • No more notification popups when the screensaver is running (that way, it doesn't look ugly and also, you don't miss schedules because your computer is idle).
  • Added "ValidateQuickIconKey" registry setting to display the quick icon panel when a parenthesis is pressed, even if the character before is :, - or '. Can be useful if you use the : character in your custom emoticons.
  • Added "UseTagForCustomName" registry setting to disable the display of Personalised Status tags in the contact list when Custom Names are enabled.
  • Added "ImprovePopupMenus" registry setting to prevent entries to be added in Messenger popup menus. That's for those of you who really like pointless customization ;).
  • No more crash when using the Boss Protection or Instant Lock mode while a Plus! notification popup is displayed.
  • New languages added: Afrikaans, Portugu√™se (Brazil).
  • The Quick Icon configuration panel for custom emoticons now allows to reorganize the order of the entries in the list (which corresponds to the position of the icons in the Quick Icon panel).

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Works on:
Windows 95/98/Me and NT4/2000/XP/2003

Product page: here

Download: Messenger Plus! 2.54

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