Stickies 6.7a

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Stickies is a PC utility I wrote to try to cut down on the number of Post-It notes I was leaving stuck to my monitor. It is a computerised version of those notes.

New features

  • Bulk commands - apply most actions to multiple stickies at a time by shift-right-clicking a sticky title bar
  • RTL UI support
  • Colour 'previews' in font modify menus
  • Advanced RTL=1 RTL reading order support
  • Advanced API 'ghost' sticky support
  • Advanced DontFadeToTransparent=1 ini file setting to stickies return to transparent immediately on losing focus
  • Advanced 'userstring1' per-sticky custom attribute set through the API
  • Advanced 'hidden' attribute for desktop stickies, accessible through the API
  • New API commands, see the API command reference for details
  • Restoring a sticky from Stored when it was stored with 'classic' sizing mode on, when Stickies is now in 'scrollbars' sizing mode no longer creates a zero height sticky
  • Single-clicking the tray icon no longer prevents the Manage dialog getting refreshed
  • API command "do new sticky" now returns the correct sticky ID in its reply
  • Snap-sizing with a snap value which is not set to 2 works ok
  • Can no longer change style in a read-only sticky
  • Can no longer insert a date into a read-only sticky
  • Can no longer "format for reply" a read-only sticky
  • Alarming red/yellow border is now square to the sticky
  • Fonts with names longer than ten characters now accepted
  • Skins which do not use a bitmap at all no longer throw an error when loaded
  • Rescue offscreen now works correctly for multi-monitor setups when the primary monitor is not in the top-left of the virtual screen
  • Skin button actions to set specific bullets styles now work
  • Checkboxes fixed to work with non-1252 locales (eg Greek, Cyrillic, Turkish, Hebrew)
  • Non-1252 locale (eg Greek, Cyrillic, Turkish, Hebrew) character set support in list boxes in Manage list, Attach list and Google list areas
  • 'gsxmp3s' paths now work ok
  • Bulk selecting picks up those entirely within, or entirely outside the clicked sticky
  • When a sticky is control-drag copied, the unique id stays with copy 'left behind'
  • Much improved response time when changing a title in the Manage dialog when the Stored category is selected
  • Revealed secret stickies now show the received time, not the revealed time
  • Removed the "Desktop >" menu
  • Woken sleeping stickies maintain their original create time rather than changing the create time to the wake time
  • Applying any style now also changes paragraph line spacing to 'single'
  • Creation and Modified dates use the format "08/06/08 22:58" rather than "22:58, 8th June 08"
  • Double-clicking a link writes a log entry when the logging level is set to 'Debug'
  • Last modification date now available to skin and API
  • v5 skins supported

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