Passmark Burnintest 5.3 build 1028

Posted on Thursday, Sep 11 2008 @ 14:05 CEST by

PassMark BurnInTest is a software tool that allows all the major sub-systems of a computer to be simultaneously stress tested for endurance, reliability and stability.

  • Two 2D Video memory test crash bug workarounds implemented. Crashes in (i) DirectX DirectShow and (ii) ATI atiumdag.dll library.
  • When BurnInTest crashes, it will not generate a "minidump" file. Minidumps will need to be sent to Microsoft as per the normal process. However, a log entry will be added to the normal BurnInTest log where possible.
  • Note: We have seen a report of the Video Playback failing (crash) due to a faulty video codec, If you are using this we suggest you try a different test Video file and codec.
  • Changes to trace logging to reduce activity when trace logging is not turned on.
  • Corrected a bug where BurnInTest would fail to start if Activity trace level 2 logging (debug level logging) was turned on and the Logging Summarize option was also selected.
  • A hang on startup has been corrected. A 2 minute timeout has been added to the collection of system information.
  • Video playback, Hard disk and CD/DVD test 'no operations' error reporting changed.
  • Changed the 2D test to wait for the Video Playback test in order to allow memory allocation for the Video playback test.
  • Changed the Memory test to wait for the Video Playback test and 3D test to allow memory allocation for these tests.
  • Minor correction to the Butterfly seek test.
  • Minor change to the serial port test where, if "Disable RTS/CTS and DSR/DTR test phase" was selected the DTR and RTS lines would be explicitly disabled to prevent any toggling of these lines. Previously these where enabled, but not explicitly toggled.

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