Reaper 2.5

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REAPER is a fully featured multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.

    • Uber track control group support (shift+G defaults to show group settings, Ctrl+Alt+G shows new Track Grouping Matrix)
    • REX2 file support, imported slices keep beat location if project tempo changes (todo support moving items across tempo changes, currently slices must be re-imported)
    • Dynamic Split interactive beat slicing and quantization
    • Action: detect tempo, create measure from time selection (new or current time signature, one bar or many)
    • Action: extend or swap selection to next transient in selected items
    • Action: move items left/right by grid
    • Action: set/adjust arrange view grid size
    • Action: move cursor to next/prior zero crossing (Z, shift+Z by default)
    • Action: split item at prior zero crossing (alt+Z by default)
    • Action: move cursor to nearest transient in selected items
    • Action: adjust item rate while clearing preserve pitch
    • Action: set/clear item "preserve pitch" setting
    • Action: select all tracks in groups 1..32
    • Action: create chromatic MIDI notes from selected items
    • Shift+3/4,5/6 now map to item rate changes (10-cent, semitone), clearing preserve pitch
    • JS: utility/volume_pan with parameter smoothing (for use with param modulation)
    • JS: utility/phase_adjust now handles stereo (phase rotates each channel, not the stereo image)
    • JS: delay_sustain effect
    • JS: vca_master and vca_slave for emulating VCA-style control using audio routing
    • JS: spectropaint effect (woohoo spectral painting for fun!), fixes to gfxanalyzer and gfxspectrograph
    • New mute and solo button context menus with toggle/exclusive/clear options
    • Add-FX dialog: remembers recent searches in dropdown list
    • MIDI editor: rename current MIDI take from MIDI editor menu
    • Option to disable alt key opening menus in main, midi editor, mixer windows
    • Render stem actions now render pre-fader signal, new actions for old post-fader stems behavior
    • Prefs/editing behavior: slider for tab-to-transient sensitivity
    • Glue: glues items to project samplerate if project samplerate is set
    • Routing matrix: fixed some scrollbar bugs, improved tooltips, added track grouping view
    • Saving a project with copy/move that has media loaded into ReaSamplomatic and ReaVerb now copies that media to project directory
    • Option in Prefs/Appearance to allow choosing track group display modes (ribbons, lines, none)
    • Better pooling of media file resources for better RAM use (especially with lots of splits)
    • Better automatic track naming, updating of UI on autoname
    • Better pooling of pitch shifter resources (track-pooled to avoid excess reinitializations)
    • Undo system: reduced memory use throughout (better granularity etc)
    • WavPack: updated to 4.50, fixed bug in metadata reading, BWF tag read/write
    • Recording volume/pan automation with ganged/grouped tracks is now supported
    • Better ganged/grouped vol/pan fader behavior (relative levels not lost at extremities)
    • MIDI media items no longer reset CCs at end, just pitch and notes
    • ReaEQ: better deferred display updating, uses LICE bitmaps (todo: full LICE conversion)
    • Removed excess ini file writing resizing midi editor CC lane
    • Removing presets in preset list now cleans up the preset file more
    • MCP: multiple track selection follows MCP track order and visibility
    • Shift+Click for time selection behaves better with snap and other options
    • Shift+Click for loop selection in ruler now works correctly when time+loop selections locked
    • Fixed touch automation on track mutes
    • Screenset window now updates shortcuts when using alternate recording section
    • Prefs/Keyboard is back, has link to actions window
    • Improved threadsafeness of media creation and peak cache system
    • Fixed relative grid actions in midi editor showing display
    • Fixed auto-add of envelope setting initial (t=0) value
    • Fixed crash on JS with only outputs and opening pin manager
    • Fixes for tab to transient and zero crossing detection for heavily stretched items
    • Improved behavior of preference to not allow projects to override audio hardware sample rate
    • Fix for ReaNINJAM problems introduced in 2.45 (ogg end of stream behavior)
    • Fixed GDI leak in ReaEQ added in 2.42 (nyquist line drawing)
    • Fixed GDI leak in skinned-scrollbar code
    • Restore MIDI editor note row display state when reopening a project
    • AU: update generic UI on factory default preset loading
    • Fix for JS with only outputs crashing when plugin pin matrix opened
    • Fix for preset system storing large presets (ini file line size issue)
    • Fix for parameter modulation/automation reading when "run fx when stopped" is disabled
    • Moved many JS fx from old_unsupported back to their authors path

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