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A powerful editor and notepad replacement TotalEdit makes it easier to complete your file editing and software development tasks. TotalEdit delivers a broad range of features and tools and it can be configured to work the way you want to. Language-Specific Syntax Coloring, Fully customizable environment, file explorer, external tool integration (E.g. Java, command line, Web browser) and a built-in spell checker are just a handful of the features available in TotalEdit.

  • The Full Pathname to an open document is now shown as a Tooltip when the mouse is hovering over the document tab.
  • You can now type special spoken language-specific characters. E.g. Central European Latin-2 characters.
  • Edit the width of the caret or use a block to highlight each character instead.
  • Find-in-Files:
    • Search all open files using the Find-in-Files tool. All finds are reported in a dedicated results window.
    • Double-clicking a Find-in-Files result will goto to the file and line where the search phrase was found. It will now highlight the phrase too.
    • Find-in-Files window can now be left open and does not need to be closed to review search results or to edit a document.
    • Search results can be copied to the clipboard.
    • Search results can be saved to a text file.
    • The last used search parameters are now saved.
    • You can now navigate through the search results using the keyboard. By default pressing Ctrl-Shift-B will move between each result and this key combination can be changed.
    • Each search records its results to a dedicated. Search results can now be easily and visually compared.
  • Redesign of the Syntax color editor, including:
    • The background color of the document can now be changed.
    • Preview how each style will be applied from within the Editor properties window.
    • Apply Bold, Italic and Underline formatting individually to each style.
  • Now decide if you want all line-endings to be updated when switching between the Line-Ending types on the Format menu.
  • Open the first or last 1Mb of any file to speed up the opening of large files, which only need to be viewed and not edited.
  • Choose to save the Byte Order Mark (BOM) inside of Unicode encoded text documents.
  • Windows Explorer update. Open all selected files inside a single instance of TotalEdit.
  • Column Editor including:
    • Create a column using a single phrase (E.g. a comma or a word).
    • Create a column using a number and specify an increment.
    • Create multiple columns in the entire document specifying the text to use in order to create the column and the width.
  • Visual Basic Script Updates:
    • Class name is prefixed onto the functions inside of the code explorer. Easily identify what Class_Initialize belongs to each class.
    • Code-Folding enhancement to that Classes, IF Statements and Loops can now be folded.
  • Macros can now be executed from the menu rather than openning up the Macro Dialog.
  • Tool Execution: Option to save the active file before running the tool.
  • External File Modification. When a file is modified outside of TotalEdit you can now choose to:
    • Ignore the external file modification.
    • Automatically reload the document after it has been externally modified.
    • Prompt to reload the document after it has been externally modified.
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio style ctrl-tabbing between documents.

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