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Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your files and folders. By using simple, powerful commands you can focus on the differences you're interested in and ignore those you're not. You can then merge the changes, synchronize your files, and generate reports for your records.

- Notable Changes
- Revamped support for comparing filename case.
- Added a "Compare filename case" session setting to control both
comparing case and synchronizing it when copying files.
- Comparing a case sensitive file system to a case insensitive one will
now align filenames with differing case.
- Added support for automatically resuming FTP/SFTP transfers at the end of
the already transferred data.

- Archives
- "Enter Password" dialog now supports copying the archive's path to the
- Fixed rules-based comparisons only doing a CRC comparison for files with
matching sizes.
- Fixed support for renaming a file in a zip to change character case.

- Command Line
- Launching multiple instances of BC now gives focus to the first window
opened instead of the last.
- "Quick Compare" dialog is no longer shown for file comparisons launched
as part of a batch process.
- Added support for using forward slashes in UNC paths (//server/share).

- Data Compare
- Fixed crash when changing column visibility and then scrolling
- Fixed session's "Columns" page incorrectly enabling the "Insert" command.
- Fixed crash when deleting a column in the session settings.
- Improved painting performance for really long rows.

- File Formats
- Fixed reapplying file format changes that don't require a file save (ex.
tab stop).

- File Views
- Fixed error handling when trying to modify a file without write

- Folder Compare
- Added "Compare filename case" session setting. Files with differing case
will be marked as differences and copying those files will update the
case of the target file to match the source.
- Comparing a case sensitive file system to a case insensitive one will now
align filenames with differing case. Filenames that match exactly will
be aligned before files with case differences.
- Expand all and background scans now work depth-first instead of breadth
first, as much as possible.
- "*." as a file filter now matches all files that don't have an
extension. Fixes ""All files without an extension" option in the
"Exclude from Session" dialog.
- Renaming multiple files that have the same name now correctly pre-fills
in the "New Name" edit if the previous rename used regular expressions.
- Changing file filters no longer shows a "This will cancel running file
operations" dialog.
- Improved responsiveness when cancelling background folder scans and file
- Fixed sorting by CRCs or exe versions when the values haven't been
previously calculated.
- Fixed refresh so it re-sorts the display after the refresh instead of
before it.
- Fixed support for expanding folders out of order when an Expand All or
background scan is active.
- Fixed "Legend" dialog's height/width on Vista and Linux.
- Fixed file operation's "Beep When Finished" option.
- Fixed crash when deleting a pair of files after selecting them as part of
a "Compare Contents" operation.

- Added support for automatically resuming uploads and downloads at the end
of the transferred data instead of restarting at the beginning.
- Removed "Filename conversion" FTP profile setting.
- Fixed read timeouts at the end of long file transfers caused by NATs
closing the control connection.
- Fixed support for the "Read timeout" setting during passive FTP transfers.
- Fixed setting last modified time of files on Pure-FTPd and ProFTPD
servers when the server timezone has been set in the FTP profile.
- Fixed support for connecting to TitanFTP when it returns an invalid SITE
ZONE response.
- Fixed crash when transferring/comparing lots of files.
- Fixed cancelling SFTP transfers so they don't drop the connection as often.

- Home View
- Folder Sync sessions now display the most recent sync summary on the
"Sync" tab.
- Fixed using "Open" command with multiple auto-saved sessions selected.
- Fixed deleting multiple auto-saved sessions.
- Fixed accelerators for "Open As New", "Save", and "Save As..." buttons.
- Fixed tab order and z-order when using "Open" command with multiple

- Misc
- Added support for using forward slashes in UNC paths (//server/share).
- Added maximum values for various spin edits.
- Double clicking past the last view tab now adds a new tab on the right
side instead of next to the active tab.
- Fixed crash when the session combotree closes after modifying sessions.
- Fixed excess disk usage when retrieving exe version information for files
in archives or on FTP sites.

- MP3 Compare
- Treeview scrollbar positions are now locked together.
- Fixed column widths when one treeview is wider than the other.

- Text Views
- " " and " " in the "Replace With" edit are now treated as plain text
instead of line ending characters.
- Improved performance when editing causes multiline grammar change (ex.
create new comment).
- Fixed hint support on editor navigation buttons.
- Fixed crash when using the gutter copy buttons and then changing display
- Fixed horizontal splitter jumping when using "Next Difference Files".

- Version Compare
- Treeview scrollbar positions are now locked together.
- Fixed column widths when one treeview is wider than the other.


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