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Badaboom® takes a fundamentally different approach to video format conversion from other solutions. Instead of performing format conversion on the CPU, it harnesses massively parallel GPUs from NVIDIA. By using the power of the GPU, the time required for video conversion is reduced. As an added bonus, you can still use the CPU for normal everyday tasks such as email and internet browsing. Anyone can now painlessly convert video between formats including AVCHD, leaving more time to enjoy the video and eliminating the frustration of video conversion delays. Not only is the Badaboom® Media Converter fast and easy to use, it provides high quality output (up to 1080p!) to keep your videos looking crisp and clear.


-          SLI disabling is no longer a requirement, but rather a recommendation.

-          The 64-bit video file problem that caused certain transcoded videos to fail on a number of devices has been addressed.  Error messages that were seen included “Video not supported,” “Unsupported video,” and “Corrupt data.”  This affects, but is not limited to, the PSP®, Playstation 3®, and Zune®.

-          Audio sync issues have been improved for all file types.

-          The Main profile problem causing Badaboom® to hang and crash for certain file types (including AVCHD) has been addressed.

-          The Apple TV default resolution has been changed and should now accept all Badaboom® transcoded videos (with default settings).

-          The CPU Decode indicator now resets correctly following each transcode.

-          The features of Badaboom’s shell extension have been improved.

-          Both the video and audio bitrate sliders have been fine-tuned and are more accurate.

-          The estimated file size is now more accurate.

-          The Advanced menu’s issue of resetting incorrectly has been addressed.

-          The video stutter issue of baseline-encoded files on the Xbox 360 has been addressed.

-          The overall stability of Badaboom® has been improved.


-          FRAPS support:  This allows game enthusiasts to transcode their recorded game play for purposes of uploading to YouTube™, for example.

-          960x540 resolution:  This is the ideal resolution for 30 fps videos transcoded to play on Apple TV.

-          Main profile selection warning:  If a selected device does not officially support Main profile, a warning will be provided if the user selects this profile.           

Known Issues:

-           Issues with the way the application handles certain errors

-          There is scratchy audio output with a very limited number of .avi files.

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