Actual Window Manager 5.3 Beta 2

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Actual Window Manager is an innovative desktop organization application which introduces unconventional window controls and also automatic general window operations making your work more productive, convenient and enjoyable. It has more than 50 handy tools to help you in daily routine window manipulations.

[+] The multi-monitor desktop profile manager is extended with the ability to customize the multi-monitor-aware screen saver: you can either stretch a single screen saver over entire desktop or assign individual screen saver for each monitor.
[+] Now you can activate desktop profiles via Control Center's context menu. Also, this menu can be invoked via hotkey (Win+P by default).
[+] Now virtual desktops are compatible with multi-monitor desktop profiles: they support the extra multi-monitor settings for their wallpapers.
[+] Now you can quickly align a window by clicking the right mouse button on window's border with the Ctrl key pressed.
[*] Now configuration windows remember their Maximized state between sessions.
[*] The Description edit field at the Index panel now automatically wraps its content and automatically fills the rest of panel's area.
[-] The bug in Configuration user interface with non-disappearing horizontal scroll bar is fixed.
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5.3 Beta 2
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