Help & Manual 5.1.1 build 750

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Help & Manual lets you create and edit your online help project and export it to many different output formats (HTML Help, Browser-based Help, Adobe PDF, Winhelp, Help 2.0 and others).


 * A bug in the date calculation routine terminated the calculation of the project statistic when you open a project. This affected certain dates only.

* Print topic: when you print a single topic, protected text is no longer printed with a background. This caused protected text to be almost unreadable on b/w printers.

* Index tool: selected keyword keeps focus when reloading the index manually

* Webhelp: the configuration of the Webhelp publishing format now includes two new options. First, you can export topic pages without the mandatory byte order mark for UTF-8. This solves publishing problems when you run your Webhelp system through a PHP server and have no influence on the PHP options on your server.
Second, the Webhelp output optionally modifies the archive bit of topic files by comparing their content. So instead of looking at the timestamp of the topic, you could use the archive bit to ftp-upload only files that have changed.

* Find & replace: replacing multiple blanks dit not work

* Version control: On the very first export to VCS the Ok button stayed grayed after selecting the VCS provider.

* XML parser: the parsing method for bulleted lists caused certain Wingdings bullets to disappear on non-English Windows systems.

* Small glitch in custom topic status dialog fixed

* Save-as dialog in Impict truncated file names if the filename had it dot in it.

* Drag & drop between projects did not work in some cases

* Compiler report: the command "Open and explore output folder" is now implemented for PDF compiler report as well.

* PDF export: on the printed table-of-contents page in PDF, chapters without text did not have an active link to the beginning of that chapter. This has been added. Furthermore, the underscores of links in justified text were slightly too low, when exported to PDF.

* Online help has been updated

* Additional change in build 750: Navigation script for Webhelp has been updated to fix a small problem with the upcoming MS Internet Explorer 8

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