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Posted on Saturday, May 14 2005 @ 18:48 CEST by LSDsmurf

Changelog version
  • Added OSD support for DirectDraw and old Direct3D applications. API type now will show "DirectDraw" for standard DirectDraw applications and "Direct3Dx" for old Direct3D API.
  • Added option to disable OSD for Overlay modes.
  • Added 3D Detection for old Direct3D API (like Direct3D7).
  • Fixed some problems with OGL games with OSD enabled
  • Improved execution speed in hook procedures and OSD Module.
  • Improved 3D detection and OSD support for D3D9 application which doesn't use standard Direct3DDevice9->Present() method.
  • Added new option to Game Profiles. "Delete outdated game profiles". This option will scan all game profiles and delete it if executable file for game profile file doesn't exists
  • Hide option in OSD module now will work for both FPS Meter and FLashOSD.
  • Renamed "Hide/Show FPS Meter" into "Hide/Show OSD"
  • Added option in Game profile to disable OSD support
  • Updated FlashOSD module to support plugins. Now FlashOSD will not display empty string if no fields selected and will collapse empty space.
  • Updated Plugins API. Added support for new plugins types "OSD Plugins". These plugins can be used in FlashOSD module to show any information at third line of FlashOSD. An example plugin included with full source code. "OSD Example" can show current time and screen resolution. You easily update or change this example to show any other information.
  • Updated internal icons (Thanks to Pavel Kiselev)
  • Added option to disable updates for ATT shared memory. Be informed, if you dissable this options you will not be able to see actual value for some fields in FlashOSD module like GPU/Memory speed and temperatures. If you don't use OSD and don't have software which uses ATT Shared Memory you can disable this option.
  • "Video Mode" now will be saved in Display profiles.
  • Updated TV/Display module. Now ATT will not try to set high refresh rate if monitor support DDC but "Use DDC" option disabled.
  • Removed "3D Settings" from Artifact Scanner. Now ATT will always use Max Speed mode. (Until I find what's wrong with Max Quality mode).

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