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DarkAdapted is an application program. It controls the amount of red, green, and blue in your screen gamma so that you may, for example, preserve your dark adaptation while using your computer. Gamma fades can be scheduled, AppleScripts may be scheduled, and system-wide hotkeys can be set up to execute AppleScripts and gamma fades.

DarkAdapted is being used by astronomers, planetarium operators, graphics professionals, medical professionals, airline pilots, air traffic controllers, and others worldwide to provide flexible, dynamic control over their monitor's screen color response. People with monitors that appear too bright (such as owners of certain iMac models), also find DarkAdapted to be valuable. Users may define an unlimited number of gamma presets, and invoke them via global hotkeys, by menu selection, or by typing the first few letters of a preset’s name.

New in DarkAdapted 2.3.5:

    • Pro Feature: Added Load Shared Preferences... and Save Shared Preferences... menu entries to Special menu. This allows you to share settings between multiple users on a single computer. When loading shared preferences, all settings are immediately updated. Non-administrative users may now also write to the shared preference file. This replaces the shared preference control in the Preferences window.
    • Pro Feature: Changing visibility of Dock icon now also works on non-administrative accounts.
    • About window now displays name/organization and serial number. For copies registered before Build 218, the name will appear as “DarkAdapted Pro User.”
    • Chime and AppleScript Scheduling window: Selecting an event now displays the next event execution time below and to the right of the Events listing. Hold down a modifier key while clicking an event to display the next execution time with dates.
    • Updated documentation with section explaining how to use DarkAdapted with display calibration software.

Performance Enhancements:

    • Build framework has been completely rewritten.
    • Minor tweaks for Mac OS 10.5.7.
    • New version of compiler used.
    • Changed layout of Registration Window. Paste Serial Number button now operates much more rapidly when large amounts of text have been copied.
    • Standard permissions on installed and created files are now read/write/execute for owner and group, and read/execute for other users.

Internet Update Improvements:

    • Improvements made to performance and reliability of Internet Update Checks.
    • Internet Update now yields time back to time display updates (and the rest of DarkAdapted) as it checks for updates.
    • Internet Update now downloads updates to the user's Downloads folder, unless that folder cannot be found, in which case it reverts to downloading to the desktop.
    • Internet Update continues to preserve existing download files with the same name, but now automatically renames duplicate files, instead of presenting a Save As dialog.
    • Internet Update may now be forced to check in asynchronous mode by holding down the [control] and [shift] keys when beginning an update check.
    • Internet Update should now automatically complete installation, instead of sometimes stopping after the downloaded disk image mounts. Note that this will only occur when performing an in-application upgrade using version 2.3.5b1 or later.

Mac OS X Installer Improvements:

    • Changed installer methodology. Instead of creating a new DarkAdapted Folder and renaming the old folder, the installer now leaves the DarkAdapted folder in place. Only new or changed files are copied, and existing duplicate files are placed in a "Moved by Installer" folder inside the DarkAdapted Folder. If an existing DarkAdapted application is found, it is placed in a compressed (.zip) archive in the "Moved by Installer" folder, so that the correct copy of DarkAdapted always opens.
    • Installer now works in non-administrator accounts. If you encounter problems installing, try holding down the [option] and [shift] keys when you click the "Install" button, and please report the issue, along with any error messages you receive.
    • Installer now performs its last action ("Finishing Installation...") much more rapidly.
    • Installer no longer resets modification dates of installed files to the release date of the application.
    • Installer now can install to a non-default location, and will upgrade from within the application to the same non-default location. Note that the in-application updating will work when updating 2.3.5b1 or later; for earlier versions, a dialog will appear asking you to specify the install location.
    • Installer now lets you define the actual folder where DarkAdapted and its files will be installed. Previously, you could select the parent folder, but the custom install location’s folder would always be named "DarkAdapted Folder".
    • Installer performs additional error checking and retries failed operations before reporting an error.
    • Installer now logs more of its progress to the Console.

Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed bug where fixed-size windows could open at an incorrect size when opened by a different version of DarkAdapted.
    • Fixed issue where some scroll wheel drivers could affect non-front windows.
    • Fixed bug in sunrise and sunset calculation where longitude could be reset to 90 degrees if a longitude greater than 90 degrees was used.
    • Chime and AppleScript Scheduling Window: Sorting events by “Time” now correctly sorts numerically instead of alphabetically, and also takes into account the time of sunrise and sunset events.
    • Fixed display of Gamma Toggle Keys on Windows Vista.

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