Reaper 3.03

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REAPER is a digital audio workstation: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.

  • Fixes for action to crossfade at selection
  • Crossfade at selection automatically splits an enclosing item
  • VKB performance improvement (especially on WINE)
  • Peak caches: better validation of timestamps for varying timezones and filesystems
  • Draw correct crossfades when an item sits on top of another item
  • X key is mapped to crossfade selected items action by default
  • Fixed delay compensation of untouched track channels for VSTs with latency decrease (ReaFIR etc)
  • Fixed delay compensation on untouched track channels for JS (including ReaMote)
  • ReaMote: fixed network thrashing with automated fx parameters
  • MIDI editor: removed snap behavior where snapping is disabled more than 100px from grid
  • Render: option to render at project samplerate, but output at a different rate (apply SRC last)
  • Fixed bug when undoing on certain projects with envelope lanes visible
  • Fixed bug storing online rendering to project file
  • Online rendering will pause for a few seconds before rendering to allow hardware to switch samplerates if necessary
  • Project setting for item mix behavior (items can mix, replace earlier items, or replace enclosing items)
  • Actions to enable or disable auto-crossfade on split
  • -renderproject hides main window from view
  • Fix for plugins that create multiple envelopes when loaded with automation write on
  • Fixed MIDI editor actions to move multiple notes up or down
  • Track MIDI input can be mapped to any channel
  • Fixed move cursor to start of previous measure action when starting on beat
  • Preliminary wet/dry knob for FX
  • Look for embedded track name event when importing single-track MIDI
  • Option to not reset MIDI CC on stop
  • Queued (batch) rendering support (Queue render button in render dialog, menu/action to bring up queue)
  • MIDI editor: control-drag also copies CC messages when moving CC with notes
  • Action to toggle maximize all tracks will maximize first
  • Fixed adding tempo events via transport when tempo envelope is hidden
  • Support for changing BPM from within ReWire slaves
  • User config for external MIDI output threading (restricted to one thread by default)
  • Fix for ripple editing + tempo marker issues
  • OSX: better hidden-mouse UI behavior (with Synergy detection as well)
  • OSX: cleaner looking buttons/popup buttons (todo combo boxes)
  • OSX: enabled FX folder rename/delete, drag FX into folder
  • OSX: fixed item fadein cursor
  • OSX: better support for detecting mouse activation for BFD2 etc
  • Internal queue optimizations

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