Opera 10.0 build 1615

Posted on Thursday, Jul 02 2009 @ 11:45 CEST by

  • Search engine synchronization should now be working again
  • Added "robots.txt" to prevent search engines from indexing Unite services by default
  • Fixed several Opera Unite crashes

Known Issues
  • Some search engines may be missing when synchronizing with some previous Opera 10 builds
  • Text nearly invisible on incactive/greyed-out buttons
  • Native skin is work in progress
  • Some Windows users may get an error related opera6.ini in the system32 folder. This can be ignored


User Interface
  • Set Large Images=0 for native skin
  • Fixed the Pagebar Skin so that it does not have a negative padding left
  • Fixed Bug DSK-232501 (Crash when activating message from mail notification while cert approve dialog is open)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-249063 (unremovable English entry in Spelling > Language should be grayed out): The preinstalled dictionaries will now have full name in the choose default language page in the wizard
  • Fixed Bug DSK-250617 (Text overlaps in UI)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-255452 (New initial BitTorrent dialog leaves unnecesary short space for checkbox label): Also fixed so it is an Ok/Cancel dialog
  • Fixed Bug DSK-255971 (Session not saved when closing Opera)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-256929 (Bookmarks visited/unvisited icons hardly distinguishable)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257266 (Missing padding on hover in main menu)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257336 (First pixel at the left side of the menu button doesn't activate the menu button)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257343 (Progress indicator height inconsistency)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257346 (Pages in Window menu no longer reachable by their number)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257349 ("new tab" button too high up in tab bar wrapped to multiple lines)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257355 (Panel buttons overlap search field's focus ring)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257378 (Dragging produces text-only buttons): by Reverting Fix to Bug DSK-257195 (Panel header text becomes unbolded when customised)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257439 (Disabled UI buttons should probably have dimmed text color)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257593 (Adjust memory/cache changes)

  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Fixed Bug CORE-20064 (Event.origin on message events returns origin of current window and not the origin of the message)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-21557 (Move media player plug-in doesn't paint until window resize)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-22049 (Certificate with HTTPS CRL URL to site with same CRL and certificate warning trigger run-amok dialog opening)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-22293 (moveTo inconsistencies on some platforms)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-252565 (Click on link at TV2 crashes Silverlight in Opera)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-257534 (Disabling spell checker in multiline edit boxes crashes Opera)

Opera Unite
  • robots.txt now added, with search engines disallowed by default
  • Fixed Bug CORE-19330 (Possible to embed unite:// on http:// pages): also made sure that unite services can not manage each other
  • Fixed Bug CORE-21620 (Webserver crash)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-21680 (Incorrect escaping/unescaping of characters in WebserverRequest.uri)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-247847 (Wrong handling of "username too short" error from auth server)

  • Set max values for the automatic memory cache
  • Fixed Bug DSK-249688 (Systemwide settings are not read)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-254706 (/settings command-line flag is not functional)
  • Partial Fix of Bug DSK-257293 (Opera fails to find any mails after 9.64 to 10 upgrade)

  • Correctly specify Linux 64-bit Qt4 when uploading crash logs
  • Fixed Bug DSK-256111 (Webserver doesn't serve proxied requests in Qt4 builds)

Program Information

Internet and communication

10.0 build 1615
Works on:
Windows, Linux, Mac

Product page: here

Download: Opera 10.0 build 1615

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