ATITool 0.24

Posted on Thursday, May 26 2005 @ 18:27 CEST by LSDsmurf

  • Registry keys changed, you will lose your settings once, when upgrading
  • When multiple ATI cards are installed, you can now select the one to use
  • Crash issues when returning from standby/hibernate with Catalyst 4.8+ fixed
  • Added Memory Timings options to profile
  • Added Gamma options to profile
  • Added option to control artifact detection sensitivity
  • ATITool will now try to use the D3D device which matches the active card
  • Temperature monitoring and fan control works on X800 AIW now
  • Added thermal monitoring support for X800XL
  • Added "Do not change PWM frequency" switch for X850 fan control
  • Added support for some new X850 boards
  • Fixed temp. monitoring on X850
  • Fixed fan control noise on X850
  • Added support for R420GL
  • Fixed AMD64 issues
  • Added option "Beep on artifact"
  • Fixed crash issue when opening Memory Timings Editor window more than once
  • Fixed memory timings editor's MEM_TRFC extra options with garbled characters after the list of correct options
  • Completely rewritten Kernel Mode Driver, it's no longer a legacy NT4-style driver
  • Default profile always in list, even when profiles.ini does not exist
  • Fixed incorrect log output when artifact detected during scan for artifacts
  • Added refresh rate fix
  • Warning displayed when "Alternate Pixel Center" is enabled
  • ATITool can now be removed via Control Panel, Software
  • Fixed some issues when running on systems without ATI card
  • Added warning when not installing as Administrator
  • Fixed problems when using ATITool on RS480 motherboard
  • Fixed problems when using ATITool with RIO550 tv card
  • Added Geometry Instancing option
  • Removed annoying logging message from log file
  • Video card detection problem fixed (bus# > 8)
  • Fixed possible race condition in overclocking/scanning code
  • Fixed memory timings crash for R480
  • Safety frequency range is now filled with current values when enabled for the first time

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